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Victor H. Llerena


My passion for accessible mental health services led to the establishment of Journey Counseling Center in Bayonne, NJ, nearly ten years ago. I'm a graduate of Rutgers School of Social Work and Liberty University, holding a Master of Arts in Theological Studies. Additionally, I'm a licensed clinical social worker in New Jersey and New York, specializing in marriage and relationship counseling. My 20 years of experience have led me to support adults, children, couples, and families dealing with HIV, marital issues, substance abuse, and other stresses of life.

Whether I’m showing up as a mental health therapist, a pastoral counselor, or a life coach, I believe in tailoring treatment to each unique case, using an eclectic approach. I enjoy staying current with best practices through ongoing training as an active member of the National Association of Social Workers. It’s my pleasure to lead the team of mental health clinicians at Journey Counseling Center.

Laura Llerena



As the office manager at Journey Counseling Center, I am deeply passionate about making sure that every client who walks through our doors has effortless access to the mental health support they need.

In the world of mental health, my role is one of immense responsibility and privilege. I find joy in managing insurance coverage, billing, scheduling, and daily operations because it means you, our client, can experience a smoother and more stress-free journey to well-being.

I thrive on the challenge of navigating the ever-changing world of insurance and billing, to ensure that you maximize your benefits.

Whether you're a new client searching for your first appointment or a returning client looking for follow-up sessions, I'm here to make the process effortless and tailored to your needs.

“My children and I were confronted with an unexpected and difficult situation in our lives. I received a glimmer of hope during our first counseling session. Through counseling with Victor, my children and I have learned how communicating our feelings is healthy and necessary, as we continue to heal. We have come a long way since the situation happened. That glimmer of hope has turned into a bright light, and I cannot be more grateful to Victor and his sound counseling for helping us. Thank you so much, Victor!”

Ms. G.P.

Why We Make Mental Healthcare Accessible

“As a Jersey City native with strong ties to Hudson County, it just felt right to open Journey Counseling Center in 2016. With each passing year, we are helping to ensure mental health support is accessible to a larger percentage of the Bayonne community than ever before.

My motivation for this stemmed from a personal experience: It broke my heart to witness someone close to me get turned away from psychotherapy practices, due to limited financial resources. This emphasized the vital need for comprehensive services that do not deny access to those seeking professional help.

At Journey Counseling Center, we understand that seeking professional counseling can be daunting. But it's an important step towards positive change. We're committed to listening to your concerns and providing support, even offering affordable services when needed. Your well-being is our priority.”

– Victor Llerena, LCSW, M.A.T.S., CSAM


“I admire Victor’s patience with me these past three years. I used to need to see Victor bi-weekly, but thanks to the progress we’ve made in our sessions, now I only need to see him every month. He does not hesitate to schedule an appointment whenever you need him. He is a wonderful listener and offers guidance and reassurance. Thank you, Victor.”

Ms. E.X.

Our Mission

The mission of Journey Counseling Center is to make professional mental health services and support accessible to all individuals and families in need of them.

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Our Goal

Our primary goal is to provide our clients with professional and adequate clinical services through counseling and supportive services.

Our Core Values

Journey Counseling Center’s six core values are founded on the profession of social work.


Our clinicians draw on their personal knowledge, values, and skills to serve clients to their fullest potential.

Social Justice

Our clinicians are sensitive and knowledgeable about cultural and ethnic diversity. We ensure access to the information, services, and resources needed to support your unique situation.

Personal Dignity

We respect the inherent dignity and worth of every person that receives our services, no matter their struggles.

Human Relationships

We create space for mutual relationships, engaging our clients as partners in the healing process.


We prioritize ethical practices throughout all forms of our service. Our clinicians act responsibly, speak honestly, and serve clients in a trustworthy manner.


Our team is composed of professional and competent clinicians with a diverse and rich background in the field of mental health services. We continually nurture our professional knowledge and skills to apply in our practice.

“My daughter had several months of sessions with Journey Counseling after the passing of her father. During her sessions, she was able to express a wide range of emotions in a secure setting. We were able to have a joint session also, which allowed us to raise family issues in important ways. Working with Journey Counseling was an important step in my daughter’s healing journey.”

Mrs. L.E.

Walking Life With You

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