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Bridging Expertise and Compassion

Welcome to Journey Consulting and Supervision, where we believe in the power of strong relationships among individuals, teams, and community organizations. Led by licensed clinical social worker Victor Llerena, our team specializes in helping your group build healthier, more productive connections.

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At the heart of our services is a deep commitment to fostering positive interpersonal dynamics. We understand that effective teamwork and harmonious community interactions are the cornerstones of success. Our team offers you expertise and compassion, creating a supportive environment where growth and collaboration thrive.

Work With Us

Student Support

We provide supervision for students and licensure-seeking professionals in fields such as psychology, counseling, and social work, accommodating diverse learners at various career stages.

Conflict Resolution & Anger Management

With our dedication to productive work and community settings, we provide strategies for constructive conflict resolution, resulting in stronger relationships and a more peaceful atmosphere. Additionally, we offer court-ordered anger management counseling.

Supervision for Organizations

We offer supervision services for professionals within your organization, ensuring they have the support and mentorship needed to excel in their roles, while maintaining a focus on ethical and effective practices.

Consultation for Community Organizations

Community groups play a vital role in society. We provide consulting services to help these organizations thrive, offering guidance on strategy, program development, and fostering community connections.

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Why Choose Journey Consulting and Supervision?

Licensed Expertise

As a team led by a licensed clinical social worker and Certified Specialist in Anger Management (CSAM) by Evergreen Certifications, we bring the highest level of professional training and knowledge.

Tailored Solutions

We understand that every individual or organization is unique. That’s why we craft customized approaches that address your specific needs and challenges.

Compassionate Support

We value your personal growth, as well as the growth of your team or community organization. We are dedicated to providing a supportive, empathetic environment for growth.

“My sessions with Victor were raw, and I felt open to be myself and talk about anything and everything on my mind. It was calm, and I felt at ease. Releasing my stresses and figuring out the healthiest way to go about things was more than a great experience. It allowed me to take what I learned and apply it throughout my life.”

Mr. S.M.

Transform Your Team, Empower Your Organization

Unlock the potential of healthy interpersonal relationships within your team or community organization. Contact the Journey team today to explore how our consulting and supervising services can propel your group toward success.

“My experience with Journey Counseling Center has truly been transformative for my outlook on life. Victor really helped me navigate the difficulties and challenges I’ve faced by providing a supportive environment. This environment empowered me and guided me through discovering patterns, behaviors, and thoughts about the past. He didn’t try to solve the problem for me, but he walked with me to see for myself that I am more than capable of making changes and creating a better frame of reference with how I view things. I highly recommend his services. I’m better off for it in so many ways!”

Mr. O.R.

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