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Psychotherapy. Couples Counseling. Family Counseling. Christian Counseling.

Welcome to Journey Counseling Center,

led by licensed clinical social worker Victor Llerena.

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“The sessions have been so beneficial to me, and I feel a change for the better in my life. Being able to apply some of the points we go over during the sessions in my everyday life has motivated me to become a better person. I realize these points actually work. Victor is so understanding, and his methods are spot on. I feel a bond with Victor, and I am truly blessed he is in my life.”

Mr. J.

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Psychotherapy, also known as “personal counseling” or “counseling,” is a journey where clients collaborate individually with a skilled therapist within a secure, compassionate, and confidential setting. This process allows clients to delve into their emotions, convictions, and actions. They are also given a space to address impactful memories and pinpoint areas of life they wish to transform. Clients establish personal goals, while gaining deeper insight into themselves and those around them.

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​Couples Counseling

Couples counseling is a valuable journey designed to assist couples in recognizing and addressing conflicts, while enhancing the overall quality of their relationships. This form of therapy offers a supportive and constructive environment where partners can work with a therapist to navigate challenges, communicate effectively, and find solutions to the issues that are affecting their relationship.

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Family Counseling

In the journey of family counseling, the members of a family come together as a group to collaboratively explore and work through the challenges they are facing. This approach is similar to group counseling but with a distinct focus on the unique dynamics that exist within families. Issues that affect the family unit, such as coping with illness, grieving a loss, or simply managing conflicts and disagreements, may all be reasons to work with a family therapist.

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Christian Counseling

Christian counseling integrates the journeys of faith and psychology to offer a holistic approach to mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being that draws wisdom from biblical teachings. In this form of counseling, therapists utilize scripture and guidance to support you in navigating life's difficulties. When confronted with challenging life circumstances, fortifying your faith can be a valuable component in seeking the right path toward healing.

“Sometimes we believe counseling and the Church are separate, but I truly see that it can be effective when connected. Going through a tough season, I felt very unseen and unheard. A fellow friend recommended Journey Counseling, which was my first journey with counseling. With applications of the Scriptures combined with everyday practice taught through counseling, it has truly changed my mindset and perspective of many things in my life. I’m eternally grateful for Victor and Journey Counseling Center.”

Mrs. O.P.

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